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Body Lice (Body Louse)

Body lice is thought to have evolved from head lice, but moved to the body.

Body lice are small flattened insects with a slightly elongated lobed abdomen, a distinct head, small eyes, a pair of short antennae and six legs, each terminating in a strong claw. Adult lice are 2-4mm in length, greyish in colour, but redden after feeding on blood. Female body lice will lay their eggs (or nits) along the seams or hems of clothes (especially underwear) that are adjacent to the surface of the skin.

A female will lay 200-300 eggs within her life span of a month, laying between 6-9 eggs a day, the eggs will hatch between 5-10 days.

Normally body lice are sensitive to light and if disturbed, it will quickly move to a seam or crease for cover. Bites from body lice come out as small red dots that develop into peculiar lesions with wheal-like inflammation. Repeated bites may cause headache, lassitude, loss of appetite, joint pain, elevated temperature, irritable, and a rash which is simular to German measles. Severe itching is another symptom that infected individuals suffer. Pubic lice are usually found attached to the hair in the pubic and perianal areas of the body, but are readily identified.

Body lice are relatively easy to control by implementing a few simple steps. Regular changing and laundering of cloths (especially underwear), or disposal of affected clothing, will control lice. Using a hot wash on cloths, followed by ironing will ensure all lice and nits have been killed.

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