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Overview of Ants and Effective Control Methods

At Micropest pest control Sydney, Gerard Dallow has experimented with numerous ant control strategies over the years. While some methods were moderately effective, others failed to deliver results. Tracking ants to their nests for spraying or dusting with appropriate insecticides works until you encounter nests in inaccessible areas such as wall, floor, or roof cavities.

Introducing Advion Gel: The Ultimate Ant Bait

One of the most effective solutions Gerard Dallow has discovered in 35 years in pest control is Advion Gel by Dupont. This innovative ant bait comes in a syringe and is applied in small amounts along ant tracks over three or four days. The gel is highly palatable to ants, who consume it and carry it back to their nest, ultimately eradicating the entire colony. Advion Gel is effective against both protein and sugar-eating ants. When we conduct Pest Control or a termite inspection at your home, we can supply and demonstrate the use of this ant bait for a small additional fee.

Understanding Ants

Ants have fascinated humans for ages due to their highly organised social structures. While there is often confusion between ants and termites, they are distinct species. Both have complex societies with a Queen, King, workers, and soldiers, but thats where the similarities end.

Most ants are considered nuisances rather than threats, although they can spread disease by contaminating food. Notably, the bull ant can grow up to 20 mm, is aggressive, and has a painful sting, though it rarely enters buildings.

In Sydney, ants are generally categorised as brown or black. Argentine ants are particularly problematic, infesting areas by the millions and requiring professional intervention. These ants nest in cracks, crevices, and pot plants, and are attracted to sweet foods but will also consume meats, insects, seeds, fruits, and even oiled clothes.

Identifying Common Ant Species

Most ants look alike, requiring expert identification. They typically swarm around exposed food, especially meat and sweets. The most common types in Sydney include:

Argentine Ants: Major pests that require professional advice.

Odorous Ants: Emit a smell when crushed.

Pharaoh's Ants

Coastal Brown Ants

Black Ants

While Argentine ants pose significant problems, other species are generally just nuisances. Simple hygiene and proper food storage can usually keep them at bay.

The Structure of an Ant Colony

Ant colonies are highly organised. Winged males and females mate in the air, after which the male dies. The fertilized female, or Queen, lays eggs in a ground nest. She can live up to 15 years, continually laying eggs while worker ants forage for food. Soldiers develop to protect the colony, and worker ants move larvae and pupae to maintain optimal conditions.

When the Queen dies, a worker is chosen and fed specially to become the new Queen. As the colony grows, reproductive ants leave to form new colonies.

Information about ants, ant bait and ant pest control methods by Micropest pest control Sydney . Over the years, we have tried many ant control methods. Some were OK, and some were just plain ineffective. If you track the ants to their nest, you can spray them. That is all well and good until you find ants nesting in inaccessible areas such as internal wall cavities, floor cavities, or roof cavities.

Ant Pest Control Sydney

The most successful ant pest control method I have used over the thirty-five years in the pest control industry is an ant bait called Advion Gel made by Dupont. A very clever and effective ant control method.

It comes in a syringe in a gel formulation, and a few blobs over a three or four day period the size of a match head are applied directly on the ant track. It is very palatable, and they start eating it straight away, taking it back to the nest where ever it may be. Eventually, killing off the nest. Advion Gel ant control eradicates both protein and sugar eating ants.

Then when we carry out a Pest spray or a termite inspection on your house we an supply and teach you how to use the ant bait at a small extra cost.

Ever since man began studying insect life, the ant has excited wonder and admiration in all its varieties. As an example of how to organise and administer a society, the ants leave humans way behind.

As we mentioned in the earlier, there is a considerable confusion between termites and ants. This stems largely from their very similar social systems. They both live in highly organised colonies. They both have a Queen, a King, workers and soldiers. From here on, however, ants and termites are different.

Most ants are regarded as pests rather than dangers, although they can transfer disease by moving from dirty areas to food. The ant everyone treats with respect - the bull ant - grows up to 20mm long, is very aggressive and can inflict an excruciating sting. Fortunately, they do not often enter buildings.

Ants in Sydney Australia may be roughly separated into two groups - brown and black.

Of the brown ants, the Argentine is the most publicised. They infest areas by the millions and are a major pest problem. It is usually compulsory to consult the health authorities or obtain professional advice if Argentine ants are suspected. They nest in cracks and crevices and pot plants. On the move, they travel in a narrow line. Sweet foods are their favourite, but meats, insects, seeds, fruits - even oiled clothes will attract them.

When crushed, Argentine ants give off no odour, which is just as well, considering their numbers.

Most ants are very similar in appearance, and it would take an expert with a microscope to tell them apart. They tend to congregate wherever food is left exposed - especially meat - and many of them have a great liking for sweet things.

Apart from the Argentine ants, which can cause significant problems, ants are more of a nuisance than a danger: Simple hygienic precautions and common sense in food storage are usually enough to discourage them.

The most common varieties are the Darwin, the Odorous (which smells when crushed), the Pharaoh's, the Coastal brown and the Black ants.

Ant Colonies

The ant colony is a highly organised society. In reproductive form ants are winged, and they mate in the air. This is too much for the poor male who dies shortly afterwards. The female or Queen now digs a hole in the ground to lay her eggs. When the young hatch, they are very small. The Queen does not feed them herself, although they live off secretions from her salivary glands. Worker ants forage for the Queen, who then lays very large numbers of eggs. She may live for up to 15 years.

As the colony expands, soldiers develop to protect it. The workers move larvae and pupae around the nest to maintain suitable conditions for them. They are also responsible for foraging for food and tending the Queen. Their life span is usually about twelve months.

The worker and soldier ants are sexually undeveloped females. When the Queen dies, one of them is selected and specially fed. When ready, she takes over as the new Queen. With the growth of the colony, reproductive's appeared, and these leave the nest during the colonising flight to form new colonies elsewhere.

Ant Pest Control Price List

Micropest Ant Pest Control Sydney provides the following services at an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring for all domestic and commercial pest control because we have specials from time to time, and we are flexible.

Mission Statement?

Ants Sydney company Micropest Pest Control Sydney will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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