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Pest Control for Bed Bugs by Micropest

This site is designed to inform you the consumer on identification, symptoms, signs and pest control methods of bed bugs in Sydney.

Bed Bugs

For identification and reproductive habits please refer to Bed Bugs Sydney

Gerard Dallow(me)

My name is Gerard Dallow from Micropest. I've been in the bed bug control industry for eighteen years. Eighteen years ago you might of received one or two calls a year in concerns with bed bugs.

Gradually it has increased, now I receive one or two calls a day, and in summer four to five times.

Unfortunately there is no easy magic formula for getting rid of bed bugs. Anyone claiming there is, take their advice with a cup full of salt. Certain procedures have to be carried out to obtain successful elimination.

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Why the increase in bed bug infestations?

With inexpensive air travel now, the human population is becoming more mobile and transient. Enabling people to pick up bed bugs in hotels, backpackers and guest houses. Believe it or not, you can even pick up bed bugs from your local coffee shop!

The second reason why bed bugs are becoming more prevalent is because pest controlers used to dust them with DDT (Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane). They were just about extinct. However DDT is no longer an approved treatment for bed bugs even though it was a very effective treatment.

How do I know if I have bed bugs or not?

How do you know?

1.When people ring me up complaining of very itchy bites on their bodies. The first thing I ask them is how long does the bite itch. If it is seven to nine days it is a good indication it is a bedbug infestation. Fleas, mosquitos and lice generally itch for a day or two. Important to note, you might be getting bites but your partner does not because not everyone is allergic to bedbugs.

Bed bug Bites

2. To ascertain whether you have a bedbug problem, an investigation of your living areas are required. To carry out this job you need a bright torch because bed bugs like to hide in cracks and crevices, mattresses, bed frames, luggage under the bed, carpets and behind scirtings.

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Bed Bug Inspection   Bed Bug Inspection
Bed Bug Inspection

3.What do I look for?

Common tell tale signs of bedbugs are dark black spots accumulating on your mattress and bed frame, and of course active bed bugs.

Now I know I have bed bugs what do I do? Ring me on 1300 CHEERS

Call us on 1300 CHEERS

What is a bed bug control treatment?

Before a bed bug control treatment is carried out, there are certain procdeures that must be carried out by you.

1. A thorough vacuum of your bedroom, bed, bedframe, carpets, bedside tables, luggage, sofas, lounge, mattress and any other areas that are close to your bed.

Vacuum Pest on Bed     Vacuum Pest on Bed


2. Put all your bedding in the dryer for at least half an hour on a high heat. This includes any clothes, etc, that are local to your bed. The heat will kill them and the eggs.

3. Any luggage, backpacks, toys or clothing around your bed put in black plastic bags, seal and put in the sun for three or four days. This will kill the bedbugs.

4. Buy some black plastic and duct tape. The mattress after vacuuming thoroughly must be wrapped in black plastic and sealed. Again, put in the sun for two or three days. Before this action is carried out a pest controller must inspect the mattress. You can still sleep on the mattress. Just bring it inside after each days sunshine.

Now along comes Micropest bed bug control

1. We carry out a thorough investigation of your living areas.

Looking for bed bugs

bedbugs investigation

bed bug examination

2. We treat the carpets, bedframes, sofas and any other areas we think are applicable.

Treatment on carpets

Bedbug treatment on couches

3. After this treatment is carried out we recommend you place cups of olive oil under your bed legs and pull your bed away from the side wall. This will stop bed bugs biting you from outside the bed. Bed bugs can't swim in oil!

Olive oil on bed foot

4. The Micropest bed bug control man comes back and does a retreatment 10 to 14 days later. Unfortunately bed bug eggs are impervious to chemicals so a retreatment is necessary.

If you have any problems with bed bugs please don't hesitate to ring Micropest on 1300 CHEERS or email us.


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