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Dehumidifier | Enviromentaly Friendly Pest Control

Did you know that humidity is one of the key factors attracting insects and pests to your Sydney home? Cockroaches, ants, and a variety of other bugs thrive on humidity, so if you want to keep those pests at bay while making your home more pleasant to live in, you may want to consider investing in dehumidifiers for the home.

Humidity and its effects

Humidity does a lot more than make you and your family feel uncomfortable. Humidity encourages the growth of mould and mildew and entices bacteria to flourish. Humidity also encourages insects for a number of reasons. For insects, humidity is often associated with moisture, which is in turn associated with food sources. Insects also breed more rapidly in warm and humid environments, so if you're struggling with pest control, be aware that the humidity of your home may be making things worse.

Preventing humidity

Humidity can be caused by a number of factors other than climate. Leaving washing to dry in the home, steaming or boiling food, or failing to turn on exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen areas can encourage humidity. Air conditioners and other devices can also encourage humidity. Addressing these factors is recommended before you consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers for the home

If your home is prone to becoming moist or damp, then a dehumidifier may be the solution for you. Areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garages often suffer from humidity issues. Crawlspaces and open areas in roofs and beneath floors can be problematic, too. Not only will high humidity cause damage to your books, photographs, and textiles, but it will encourage pests to breed throughout the affected areas of your home. Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce the humidity in your home, keeping your possessions safe and pests at bay.

If you want to keep your home's humidity at optimal levels, a dehumidifier can help. For more information about dehumidifiers for the home and about how you can use them to stave off pests and mildew damage by keeping your home's humidity at optimum levels, contact us.

Delonghi Dehumidifiers

If your Sydney home has been feeling a little more hot and sticky than usual, then a Delonghi dehumidifier may be exactly what you're after. The Delonghi brand is well-known for producing high-quality products that are easy to maintain and that last for years. So why might you want a Delonghi dehumidifier in your home?

Keeping your property in good shape

High humidity can wreak havoc on your home. Floorboards, doorways, and other wooden features can become warped or damaged from high humidity. Humidity can also cause damage to fabrics, books, paintings, photos, and furniture. And given that many storage areas have humidity levels that are far from optimum, you may be putting your stored belongings at risk. If you live in an energy-smart home, you may also find that your good intentions have some unintended, undesired consequences: energy-smart homes tend to suffer from high humidity. On the flip side, older homes often lack modern-day developments such as water barriers that can be helpful in keeping humidity levels down.

What am I keeping my belongings safe from?

Mould and mildew are two common issues arising from excess humidity in the home. These problems can be insidious, and you may not realise the damage that is being done to your possessions until it is too late. High humidity also encourages bacteria to thrive, and worse, pests such as ants, cockroaches, and termites. All of these breed quickly and can cause significant amounts of damage to your home and your prized possessions.

Your health

It's not just pests and your property that you have to worry about when it comes to humidity. However, a home that is too humid brings with it a wealth of problems, a home that is too dry also has its own consequences. Asthmatics may find that their condition is exacerbated in a home that is too dry, and a dry home may also encourage dry eyes, skin, and throats.

Fortunately, these problems can be combated by installing a dehumidifier. Delonghi produces quality dehumidifiers that can be installed with ease, so why not purchase one today? Our team is happy to speak with you about the benefits of a Delonghi dehumidifier, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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