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Head Lice Sydney

Head Lice (Head Louse)

Head lice are blood-sucking ectoparasites of humans from the family of lice Pediculidae. Adult Head lice are 2.5-5mm long, and they have six legs, well-developed eyes, small antennae and a flattened light brown body.

Head lice are usually found towards the back of the head and above and behind the ears.

A female head lice can lay 6-8 eggs a day and may lay 300 eggs in her life span.

Eggs hatch within 7-10 days. However, some may take 3-4 weeks before hatching.

People who have head lice will have 10-20 lice at one time. They cannot infest furniture, bedding, pets or other household situations, and they must have a human host. Transfer of head lice is done by hair to hair, head to head, close bodily contact, sharing combs, brushes, ribbons, hair bands, hats, pillows and similar articles is the way that lice can spread. Children tend to have head lice more than adults, and they do not discriminate between sex or hair colour.

An infestation of head lice may not be noticed initially, but with time will produce irritation leading to scratching of the scalp. Lice are a nuisance and can disrupt peoples rest, but they are not responsible for the spread of any infectious disease-causing organisms.

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