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How to get rid of Bedbugs (Bed Bugs)

A step by step method on how to get rid of bedbugs (bed bugs), by Gerard from Micropest pest control Sydney , using the latest and safest, pet friendly bed bug pest control treatments.

Bed bugs safe and pet friendly pest control

My name is Gerard from Micropest pest control Sydney and I have being in the pest control industry for over twenty eight years now. I've trained thousands of pest controllers around the world on the art of bed bug pest control. Micropest has two very informative bed bug videos explaining what a bed bug pest control treatment is and how to find bed bugs.

A bed bug

When people ring me on the telephone and say they've got a bedbug problem, the first step is to ascertain whether there is any credibility and what they say I ask them how long do bites last for. Flea bites will generally last one or two days, mosquito bites will generally last two or three hours and bedbug bites last 7 to 9 days and are insanely itchy and can cause scaring and on the odd occasion even septicaemia.


I also ask them to inspect their mattress and bed base for blood spotting. Bedbugs regurgitate blood and after 20 min or so the regurgitated red blood turns black and will stain around the seams of the mattress or bed base within one to 2 m from where you lay your head at night, and also I get them to check for live bedbugs and or their eggs.

Bed bugs and regurgitated bed bug blood on a mattress

Upon confirmation of active bedbugs and/or their spoor we can then continue to book them in for a bedbug control treatment. P.S Telfast is very good for relieving itchy bedbug bites and can be purchased over the counter of your chemist. Make sure you're not allergic to antihistamines.

Upon confirmation of bedbugs we get you to vacuum and clean all the floors in the house or apartment, remove all materials from underneath your bed, vacuum your bed base and mattress forensically, vacuum your couch forensically, move your bed a half a metre away from all walls and furniture, put all bedding in the dryer on a high heat for half an hour and remove your mattress into the lounge or outside. After the vacuuming has been carried out throw away the vacuum bag.

1) Upon arrival, when Micropest carries out a bedbug control treatment, the first thing we do is carry out a bedbug inspection of the apartment or house paying close attention to the beds and the couch which is the most common distribution point for bedbugs. When we have ascertained all the hotspots for the bedbugs we then start the treatment.

2) We then treat around the skirtings, bed base and a couch in strategic areas with a treatment called FICAM W which is a wettable powder.

3) We then treat all the carpets, couch, bed base and floorboards in the bedroom with a synthetic PYRETHIUM called CISLIN 25 made by Bayer.

4) When all the areas that we have treated for bedbugs are dry, which is usually around two hours depending on the weather, we get you to put a bedbug mattress protector over your mattress which locks any bedbugs in the mattress causing them to die of starvation and stops bedbugs from getting into the mattress. You can then reassemble your bedroom making sure that the bed stays a half a metre away from all furniture and walls.

5) After 30 days we then get you to prepare the house the same way that you did the first time and we give it a second treatment with Cislin 25. You may wonder how long the bedbug mattress protector must stay on the bed. It approximately takes one year for bedbugs to die of starvation because if they not feed they can hibernate for up to one year, so the bedbug mattress protector must stay on your mattress for approximately one year.

How does a bedbug treatment work? After all the treatments are carried out we rely upon the bedbugs to feed on you because they require blood feasts regularly. They are attracted to your body heat and CO2 that you expel from your lungs and we rely upon them to come out there hidey-holes to feast on you, meanwhile walking across the treated surfaces and picking up bedbug control treatment on their legs and when they groom themselves they ingest the treatment and DIE. The reason being why we come back in 30 days time for a second treatment is that we wait for all the eggs to hatch and that depends on how warm it has been.

Bedbugs are the most tenacious and nightmarish bugs on this planet at the present time. They are very difficult to get rid of, almost impossible for the average person and even difficult for professional pest controllers.

We guarantee our bedbug control treatments for 12 months.

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