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Nasutitermes Termites Sydney

Nasutitermes Termites

There are three species of Nasutitermes termites common in Sydney, all of whom are distinguished by the termite soldiers which have pointed brown heads.The Nasutitermes species of termites are very common in the tree fulled areas of the hills district ,upper North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Nasutitermes Exitiosus Termites

1) Nasutitermes Exitiosus usually live in a mound that protrudes 30 to 75 cm above the ground, 30 to 120 cm across the base, and is more common in southern and eastern parts of Australia. Nasuititermes Exitiosus cause considerable damage to houses and buildings in Sydney, especially in the Northern beaches and Upper North Shore of Sydney.

Nasutitermes Exitiosus Termites Sydney

Nasutitermes Fumigatus Termites

2) Nasutitermes Fumigatus attacks decaying wood that's in contact with the ground. In properties where decay has occurred due to poor ventilation, this species will damage the wood to the point of it needing replacement. They also eat moist, weathered decking on external verandahs. They don't attack well ventilated timbers that are intact. They generally live in smaller colonies and don't build mounds.

Nasutitermes Fumigatus Termites

Nasutitermes Walkeri Termites

3) Nasutitermes Walkeri is often found in coastal bushland from Cairns to Sydney, and often nests in a colony built on the branch of a tree. Colonies of this species appear in the root crows of trees in the location of decay or fire damage. Once the colony is well established and high in number, they build nests higher up the trees, maintaining soil contact with galleries extending down the trunk, often connected externally and internally to the other parts of the colony in the root crown area or underground part of the tree. The outside of their nest is soft and easily broken. The shelter tubes of their nest are dark brown to black, and often visible on the outside of the tree trunk. Their underground tunnels radiate from the base of the tree to food sources. Although they may damage wood in the ground, poles and fences, their attacks on buildings usually only include those with high moisture and decay.

Nasutitermes Walkeri Termites

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