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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

by on May.11, 2010, under Bed Bugs

Micropest Pest Control SydneyHow to get rid of bed bugs (bedbugs)? The secrets pest control companies do not want you to know about bedbugs. My name is John from Micropest pest control Sydney the bed bug pest control specialists. I have worked all around Australia and abroad, assisting and educating hotels on how to manage and eliminate their bed bug problems. My experience in the bedbug industry is approximately thirty-two years now, so I guess you can say I know a little about the subject.

how to get rid of bed bugs

The Key to success in eliminating any insect is to understand their habits, likes, and dislikes of your target insect, which in this case is bed bugs. There are several important facts to know about bedbugs that are integral to the management and elimination of bed bugs.

how to get rid of bed bugsI

Bed Bug Facts.

1)Bed bugs need to feed on blood regularly.

2)Bedbugs are attracted to the co2 that comes out of your mouth at night.

3)Bedbugs are attracted to your body warmth at night.

4)Bed bugs generally live within a metre of your head in your bed.

5)Bed bugs are nocturnal.

6)Bedbugs don’t cause an allergic reaction to everyone.

D.I.Y How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs 

Now that we know the enemy grasshopper, we can use this valuable information to assist us on our journey on how to get rid of bedbugs.

What I’m going to impart to you now is an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of bed bugs which involve no chemicals or bullshit want to be con artist machines. This system will work on most beds, but please understand to get rid of bedbugs is no easy undertaking. Should you fail, please don’t hesitate to email me or telephone me.

1)Get a bedbug mattress protector. (APPROXIMATELY $60.00)  A bedbug mattress protector must stay on the mattress for at least one year because bedbugs that don’t feed will go into survival mode and can hibernate for at least one year. The bed bug mattress protector or bedbug lock as some people will call them is designed to lock the bedbugs in the mattress and stop new bed bugs from getting in and old bed bugs from getting out. They eventually die of starvation.

2)Pull apart your bed frame and forensically clean and vacuum it. This is an integral step in how to get rid of bedbugs (BEDBUGS). This part of the process must be carried out perfectly. Remove all the active bed bugs and eggs. It may take an hour or two, but it will save you time money and grief.

3)Vacuum and wash the floors of the bedroom thoroughly.

4)Take all the bedding off the bed and stick in the dryer for at least thirty minutes on high heat. The heat from the dryer so hot it will dry and desiccate the bed bugs and the bed bug eggs.

5)Pull your forensically clean bed half a metre away from the bedroom walls and furnishings.

6)Remove all stored materials from under bed, shoes, and clothes, etc. Very important not to remove anything from the bedroom at this stage because you don’t want to spread bedbugs throughout the house. The removed materials must be stored one metre away from the bedhead.

7)Wrap your bed-legs in plastic or glad-wrap, so they are waterproof.

8)Place your bed-legs in bowls and silicon the legs to the bottom of the bowls.

9)Fill the bowls with water.

Now I have imparted the knowledge and secrets on how to get rid of bedbugs. I will now tell you how it works.

Bed bugs need to feed regularly. There should be no more bedbugs left on your bed because you have forensically cleaned it, the only bedbugs that should be left are hiding in the skirting or your belongings. These bed bugs that are left are attracted to your body heat and co 2. The bedbugs need to feed becomes overwhelming to them so at night time they leave their concealed hiding places and make their last journey to their food source which is you, they make their way up the bowls of water and fall into the bowls and drown.

I hope this how to get rid of bed bugs (bed bugs) blog has helped you, and I wish you all the luck in the world with the elimination of your bed bugs. But this is no easy task, and should you need any further advice to drop me an email or refer to my website.

Gerard Dallow wrote this article about how to get rid of bed bugs.

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