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Pest Control Rats Marsfield Sydney

by on Aug.30, 2012, under Rats

Micropest Pest Control Sydney

Pest Control Rats Marsfield. Spring is just about here and the amount of rat pest control treatments we are carrying out at the present time is just amazing. We have had two years of very wet weather which in turn has promoted a lot of vegetation growth. This increased vegetation gives all the rats and possums a lot of food to eat which encourages them to breed more prolifically. Micropest pest control has been inundated with rat control treatments this winter.


Yesterday I was telephoned by  very distraught woman who was confronted by a rat in her bedroom in Marsfield  Sydney. Unfortunately, I could not get out there straight away so I told her I would be out the next day. Mrs. X decided to close the bedroom door so the rat couldn’t escape. When I arrived the next day upon investigation I found the rat had escaped from the bedroom by gnawing a hole through the wooden door. I have been in the pest control industry for over 35 years and this is the very first time I’ve seen a rat gnaw through a timber door.

Looking around the house I found droppings under her bed in a bedroom, droppings in the cupboard underneath the stairs, droppings on the roof void, and rat droppings underneath the dishwasher. The reason the rats were in the house in the very first place was that Mrs X had dog bowls full of dog food and water all the time. She had to pet Beagles. But little did she know she had half a dozen pet rats as well. You should never leave dogs bowls full of food around, not only is it unhealthy for your dog but it also invites unwanted guests such as rats in the house. I had six dogs and I feed them twice a day, if they haven’t eaten their food within 5 min I remove their dog bowls. I never leave dog food lying around all day.

Something very important to understand about rats, they are blind and deaf but they have the most incredible sense of smell. These particular rats smelt the dog food and had gained access inside the house from underneath the dishwasher. They had a pleasant little food and water source thanks to Mrs X.

I baited the roof void and underneath the dishwasher making sure that the two pet beagles had no chance whatsoever and eating the bait. It’s important to note that when you get rats you should rebait every year. The reason for this is that rats are incontinent and they urinate on the run therefore leaving little drops of urine in their foraging area. Pheromones are in the urine and when other rats come across these pheromones they follow them in hope of finding a mate. These pheromone tracks the last couple of years so it’s best to bait over the next two years. This article was written by Gerard Dallow.

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