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Micropest Pest Control Sydney

Micropest Pest Control Wahroonga the termites and termite inspection specialists have being based on the Pacific Highway in Wahroonga for over twenty years. We use environmentally friendly, safe, pet-friendly pest control and termite control products. Our termite inspections are carried out with the latest technology such as thermal imaging, termi trac, and moisture meters and sometimes Rosey the termite sniffing Beagle.



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Safe and Pet Friendly Pest Control

We employ Gerard Dallow to service Wahroonga, not only does he lives in Wahroonga but has worked in the pest control industry for over thirty-five years and is fully licensed and insured. If you have termites eating your house or rats eating your electrical wiring, I’m sure you would appreciate someone with thirty-five years of experience bating for you.

Over the last twenty years and especially in the last seven everyone would have noticed the landscape of Wahroonga, changing with all the high-rise apartments along the Pacific Highway being built.  With all the cutting down of the trees and high-density living, it is also changing a lot of the pest control issues in Wahroonga.

I am starting to notice high-density living pests such as German cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas. Also, the possums and rats are starting to invade houses more frequently because of the cutting down of all the trees in the neighbourhood. All this construction is changing the natural order of things.

Possum Removal Wahroonga

Wahroonga being a well-established suburb with many gum trees also has a lot of termite issues. I strongly recommend a termite inspection at least once a year. A termite inspection won’t stop the termites from eating your house but if caught early enough will reduce the amount of damage they cause. Should we find termites within a one hundred meter radius of your house a termite control treatment should be carried out expediently.


The most common spiders that require Micropests pest control  Wahroonga services are redback (red-back) spiders, closely followed by funnel-web spiders. With all the trees and bush-land in Wahroonga, the funnel-web spiders thrive. On many occasions, I will be conducting a pest control or termite inspection and come across a Sydney funnel-web spider in the swimming pool.

Please be very aware of funnel-web spiders in swimming pools they can survive underwater for forty-eight hours. Handle with extreme caution as you already know a bite from a Sydney funnel-web spider can be fatal. Sydney funnel-web spiders are definitely the most aggressive spiders in Sydney and are far too common in Wahroonga. Micropest when carrying out a funnel-web spider treatment searches your block for nests and treats each individual Sydney funnel-web nest as he goes, this may take up to four hours.

Red Back Spiders Pest Control Wahroonga

List Of Streets Micropest Pest Control Wahroonga Services.

  • Aaron Pl                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pest Control Wahroonga
  • Ada Ave
  • Ada Ave S
  • Adelong Pl
  • Aleta Cl
  • Alexandria Pde
  • Amaroo Ave
  • Anne Pl
  • Anulla Pl
  • Ascot Ave
  • Azalea Gdns
  • Balmoral St
  • Bareena Av
  • Barnardo Cl
  • Beltana Pl
  • Benson Cl
  • Berilda Ave
  • Billyard Ave
  • Bogan Pl
  • Boundary Rd
  • Boyne Pl
  • Braeside St
  • Brentford Rd
  • Bristol Ave
  • Broula Rd
  • Browns Rd
  • Bundarra Ave N
  • Bunyana Ave
  • Burdett St
  • Burns Rd                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PEST CONTROL WAHROONGA
  • Cam St
  • Campbell Dr
  • Carden Ave
  • Carrington Rd
  • Carrington St
  • Chauvel Cl
  • Cherrywood Ave
  • Churchill Ave
  • Cleveland St
  • Cliff Ave
  • Clissold Rd
  • Clwydon Pl
  • Clyde Pl
  • Collings St
  • Coonanbarra Rd
  • Cooper Cr
  • Cyrus Ave
  • Daly Ave
  • Darri Ave
  • Deakin Wy
  • Delray Ave
  • Dennis Ave
  • Devon St
  • Douglas Ave
  • Eastbourne Ave
  • Eastern Rd
  • Edgecombe Ave                                                                                                                                                                                                                Termite Inspection Wahroonga
  • Edgeworth David Ave
  • Edwards Rd
  • Elizabeth St
  • Endeavour St
  • Eric St
  • Eurong St
  • Everett Wy
  • Exeter Rd
  • Fern Ave
  • Field Pl
  • Fiona Ave
  • Fox Valley Rd
  • Georgina Cl
  • Gilda Av
  • Gladys Av
  • Glenrock Av
  • Grosvenor St
  • Halcyon Av
  • Hampden Av
  • Havilah Av
  • Herber Pl
  • Herbert Av
  • Hewitt Av
  • Highlands Av
  • Hillcrest St
  • Illoura Av
  • Ingalara Av
  • Ingram Rd
  • Isis St
  • Jacana Cl                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pest Control Wahroonga
  • John Hughes Pl
  • Jordan Rd
  • Jubilee St
  • Junction La
  • Junction Rd
  • Kallang Pde
  • Karinya Pl
  • Kerela Av
  • Killawarra Pl
  • King Rd
  • Kingsley Cl
  • Kintore St
  • Kiogle St
  • Kokoda Av
  • Koora Av
  • Larbert Av
  • Leuna Av
  • Lisa Valley Cl
  • Lochville St
  • Locksley Cl
  • Lucinda Av
  • MacLeay Av
  • Mahratta Av
  • Maranoa Pl
  • Marshall Av
  • Mildred St
  • Millewa Av
  • Mona St
  • Moona Pde                                                                                                                                                                                                                     NASUTITERMES WALKERI TERMITE NEST LOCATED IN Wahroonga
  • Morona Av
  • Morris Av
  • Mount Pleasant Av
  • Munderah St
  • Muttama St
  • Myall Av
  • Myra St
  • Nanowie Av
  • Nerang St
  • Neringah Av
  • Neringah Av N
  • Neringah Av S
  • Netherby St
  • Oleander Rd
  • Pacific Hwy
  • Park La
  • Pennant Hills Rd
  • Plymouth Cl
  • Railway Av
  • Rainforest Cl
  • Randolph St
  • Redleaf Av
  • Rhonda Cl
  • Roberts Av
  • Roland Av
  • Russell Av
  • Seaton Av
  • Seymour Cl
  • Spring Gully Pl
  • Spurgin St
  • Strone Av
  • Stuart St
  • Sutherland Av
  • Tanderra St
  • Terrell Av
  • The Broadway
  • The Comenarra Parkway
  • The Glade
  • Unwin Rd
  • Wahroonga Av
  • Walpole Pl
  • Warwick Pl
  • Warwilla Av
  • Water St
  • Westbrook Av
  • Windarra Cr
  • Wongalee Av
  • Woniora Av
  • Woodville Av
  • Woolcott Av
  • Woonona Av
  • Yanilla Av
  • Young St
  • Zelda Av

This article was written by Gerard Dallow and contains information,  pictures, and videos about pest control Wahroonga. If you require any pest control services please call our pest control Wahroonga office.

Mission Statement?

Pest Control Wahroonga company Micropest will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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