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Micropest Pest Control Sydney

Gerard Dallow is employed by Micropest Pest control Cherrybrook to service the local area, he lived in Cherrybrook twenty years ago on New Line Road and has been servicing the area for over twenty-five years. Not only does Gerard has good local knowledge of the area, but he also has the advantage of thirty-five years in the pest control industry and is fully licensed and insured. 

Unlike most pest control company’s Micropest only employs people who have to be in the industry for over thirty-five years. When you have termites, cockroaches, spiders or want to have quality termite inspections and termite control, you want someone with a bit of experience to bat for you.


When Micropest pest control Cherrybrook carries out a pest control treatment on your house, we use safe, environmentally friendly, pet-friendly, and children-friendly pest control products which are very effective. Micropest uses a pest control spray made by Bayer called Cislin 25. It is one of the most expensive treatments on the market but its rainfast and UV light-resistant. So if it rains, it still leaves behind a residual.



Cherrybrook has changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years. I remember the days when there were many paddocks and gum trees. Now it’s a thriving little metropolis fill with people and houses. I treated a lot of houses for pest control in Cherrybrook over the years, and spiders and cockroaches seem to be the most prevalent insects evident.



I want to thank Gerard from Micropest Pest Control Cherrybrook for his quality pest control and termite inspections he has carried out over the last eight years. I find Gerard to be honest, well presented, thorough, effective, and punctual. We first come across Micropest pest control eight years ago when we found termites in the roof of our house in Cherrybrook; our next-door neighbour referred us to them. We decided to use them to carry out a termite control treatment on the house, which was very effective with a minimum of fuss and mess. They are truly a good company to deal with, and I would confidently refer them to anyone requiring pest control services.

Streets in Cherrybrook 2126.

Abbey Pl
Abelia Cl
Acer Ct
Alice Ct
All Saints Cl
Angel Cl
Angel Pl
Anne Pl
Appletree Dr
Arrunga Dr
Arum Wy
Arundel Wy
Ash St
Ashford Rd
Autumn Leaf Gr
Barkley Cl
Barry Pl
Beahan Pl
Beechwood Pde
Benedictine Pl
Benowie Walking Tr
Bernard Pl
Beverley Pl
Black Butt Rdg
Blackwattle Pl
Blamey Wy
Blue Gum Dr
Boldrewood Pl
Booth Pl
Boundary Rd
Bowen Cl
Bowerman Pl
Boxwood Pl
Brokenwood Pl
Brunel Cl
Brushbox Pl
Burrawang St
Camellia Ct
Cannan Cl
Cape Pl
Carmen Cr
Carob Pl
Castle Hill Rd
Casuarina Dr
Caversham Ct
Cedarwood Dr
Chadley Ct
Chapel Cl
Charles Pl
Chatham Ct
Cherry Haven Wy
Cherrybrook Rd
Chiswick Pl
Claremount Pl
Claridge Cl
Clematis Cl
Clifton Pl
Colleen Cl
Cooinda Cl
Copperleaf Pl
Coral Ct
Cornhill Pl
County Dr
Crestview Pl
Curtis Cl
Dalkeith Rd
Daniel Cl
Dantic Pl
Daphne Cl
Darlington Dr
Dawes Pl
Doulton Dr
Duer Pl
Dunraven Wy
Durant Pl
Earls Ct
Edward Bennett Dr
Elderberry Pl
Eldridge St
Elga Pl
Ellimatta Wy
Elliott Pl
Elm Ct
Emily Pl
Evelyn Grace Wy
Fallows Wy
Featherwood Av
Fernbank Pl
Fernleigh Cl
Flame Tree Pl
Forest Cl
Forest Gln
Forest Oak Wy
Forester Cr
Foxwood Wy
Francis Greenway Dr
Franklin Rd
Frere Pl
Gavin Pl
Ghisla Cl
Glamorgan Wy
Glenoak Wy
Glentrees Pl
Golden Gr
Goodman Pl
Greenoaks Av
Greywood St
Gumnut Pl
Gumnut Rd
Gwynellen Pl
Hallam Wy
Hallen Rd
Hampshire Ct
Hancock Dr
Hartree Pl
Harvey Pl
Haven Ct
Hawkesworth Pl
Hawthorn Pl
Hayley Pl
Hibiscus Pl
Highgate Pl
Hillsborough Ct
Holcroft Pl
Holly Rd
Hoya Pl
Hull Rd
Isabel Cl
Ivy Pl
Janice Pl
Jasmine Ct
Jennifer Pl
Joanne Cl
John Rd
Jonathon Pl
Josephine Cr
Julia Cl
Juliana Wy
Kaffir Cl
Kalumna Cl
Kanangra Cr
Kate Pl
Kay Cl
Kayla Wy
Keighran Pl
Keith Ct
Kenburn Av
Kentia Pde
Kitchener La
Kitchener Rd
Kristine Pl
Lamandra Cl
Lambe Pl
Lauren Pl
Lawson Pl
Lee Rd
Lemongrass Pl
Lonicera Pl
Louise Wy
Lyndhurst Wy
Lyons Pl
Macquarie Dr
Manuka Cir
Mariam Cl
Mark Pl
Mary Anne Pl
Maybush Pl
Mccusker Cr
Mckinley Pl
Melissa Pl
Merriwa Pl
Milford Gr
Millbrook Pl
Mirambena Cl
Miranda Cl
Monastery Pl
Monterey Pl
Myson Dr
Nadine Cl
Naomi Ct
Neale Av
New Line Rd
Nicholi Pl
Nixon Pl
Northcott Wy
Northwood Wy
Norwich Pl
Oliver Wy
Paradise Cl
Parkhill Cr
Patricia Pl
Patu Pl
Paxton Cr
Pecan Cl
Pedit Pl
Penrose Av
Philip Pl
Pogson Dr
Powell Pl
Priory Cl
Protea Pl
Purchase Rd
Radley Pl
Rebecca Pl
Ridgemont Cl
Ridgeview Wy
Rimu St
Robert Rd
Rochford Wy
Rosemary Pl
Rosewood Pl
Roslyn Pl
Rossian Pl
Rothbury Pl
Rowena Pl
Ruth Pl
Salinga Gr
Salvia Pl
Sanctuary Cl
Scarborough Wy
Scott Ct
Selina Pl
Sheoak Cl
Shepherds Dr
Shepherds La
Stanier Cl
Talinga Pl
Tallowwood Av
Tamarisk Cr
Teak Pl
Teddick Pl
Tennyson Cl
The Cloisters
The Grange
Thornhill Pl
Thorpe Av
Timothy Cl
Todd Pl
Toorak Ct
Torrens Pl
Treetops Rd
Trevor La
Trinity Pl
Tudor Av
Tunbridge Pl
Tuscan Wy
Veronica Pl
Wallundun Wy
Walnut Gr
Watts Pl
Wesley Pl
Whitbar Wy
Willow Ct
Wiltshire Ct
Wisteria Cr
Woodcrest Pl
Woodglen Pl
Woodgrove Av
Worthing Pl
Wyllie Pl
Yanderra Gr
Zulfi Pl



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