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Pests And Pest Control Definitions Sydney

  • American Cockroaches - The American cockroach is a large species of winged cockroach. American cockroaches generally live in moist areas, but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water.
  • Ants - Any of various social insects of the family Formicidae, characteristically having wings only in the males and fertile females and living in colonies that have a complex social organization.
  • Ants - Ever since man began studying insect life the ant in all its varieties has excited wonder and admiration. As an example of how to organise and administer a society the ants leave humans way behind.
  • Australian Cockroaches - The Australian cockroach is a large species of cockroach, winged, and growing to a length of 3.0cm - 3.5cm. It is brown in colour. It is very similar in appearance to the American cockroach and may be mistaken for them.
  • Bed Bugs - The common bedbug is the best adapted to human environments. It is found in temperate climates throughout the world and lives off the blood of humans. Bedbugs are generally active only at dawn.
  • Bush Turkeys - Bush Turkeys are a large bird, up to 75 cm long, with a wingspan of about 85 cm, with a red head and black feathers. They have a superficial resemblance to the North American turkey, but are only distantly related.
  • Commercial Pest Control - Commercial Pest Control is pest control services carried out in commercial premises such as cafes, restaurants, strata management and offices mainly for cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and rats.
  • Domestic Pest Control - Domestic pest control services are carried out in homes and apartments.
  • Environmentally Friendly Pest Control - Enviromentally Friendly Pest Control is carried out in a way that the pest control products are low toxicity biodegradable, pet friendly and put in effective strategic locations which reduces the amount of toxins in the environment.
  • Fleas - Fleas are small, agile, usually dark coloured, wingless insects with tube-like mouthparts adapted to feeding on the blood of their hosts.
  • Flies - The female house deposits eggs in batches usually in excess of a hundred, and during her life time may produce 2000 eggs.
  • Funnel Web Spiders - Australian funnel-web spiders are very venomous spiders, they are notorious for the inclusion of the Sydney funnel-web spider, native to eastern Australia.
  • German Cockroaches - The German cockroach or Croton bug is a small species of cockroach, measuring about 1.3 cm to 1.6 cm long. It can be tan through brown to almost black, and has two dark parallel streaks running from the head to the base of the wings.
  • Head Lice - Head lice are wingless insects spending their entire life on human scalp and feeding exclusively on human blood.
  • Leaking Showers - Leaking showers in wet areas of houses contribute to 50% of all termite infestations in houses in Sydney. To survive termites need a constant moisture source. What is better than a leaking shower?
  • Leeches - Leeches are flattened, segmented worms, found mostly in freshwater environments, with a few species found on land and in marine environments.
  • Mosquitoes - Blood-sucking insects, commonly about 3-6mm in length, can be recognised on site by most people, but can be confused with midges or crane flies.
  • Oriental Cockroaches - The Oriental cockroach or waterbug is a large species of cockroach, measuring about 1 inch in length at maturity. It is dark brown to black in colour with a glossy body.
  • Pest Control - Pest control is a method of action which regulates or manages pests in houses, offices or commercial buildings the pest control methods can be applied physically or with the use of an assortment of chemical treatments.
  • Pest Inspections Sydney - A pest inspection is a thorough visual inspection inside and out of a commercial or domestic building for pests such as termites, cockroaches, spider, silverfish, carpet beetle, tick, fleas and many more.
  • Pet Friendly Pest Control - Pet friendly pest control products are low toxicity and environmentally friendly pest control treatments.
  • Rats - The best-known rat species are the Black Rat and the Brown Rat, originated in Asia.
  • Red Back Spiders - The Redback spider is a potentially dangerous spider native to Australia.
  • Sandflies - These very small blood-sucking flies are commonly referred to as sandflies along the Australian coastline but in north-western New South Wales and western Queensland the "sandfly" is a different type of fly altogether. "Biting midge" is the acceptable name for Ceratopogonidae in most parts of the world. Not all the biting midges suck the blood of mammals but the majority of those that do belong to the genus Culicoides. Members of this genus are widespread throughout New South Wales but are confined to coastal estuarine areas.
  • Scorpions - Scorpions are not common in Sydney but they do exist. Scorpions generally have eight legs and a pair of grasping claws with a segmented tale over its back. Scorpions are insects in the order of scorpiones only is they are a predatory arthropod insect within the class of archnida.
  • Silver Fish - Silverfish are wingless insects that have a carrot-shaped, flat body with silver and grey scales.
  • Slugs - Slugs are gastropods lacking the shell that snails have. Lacking the protective shell, slug bodies dry out very quickly, so they are limited to moist environments, and must retreat to such areas when conditions are dry.
  • Snails - Snails are gastropods, which constitute about 70% of all mollusc species.
  • Termatrack - Termatrack is a very expensive piece of termite inspection equipment that works through microwave technology. It picks up movement and this indicates the amount of activity in one area. It enables us to track termites and helps us to place termite bait stations appropriately, making our termite control more successful. I believe termatrack for termite inspections is the best piece of equipment on the market at present time.
  • Termidor Dust - Termidor dust is a friptonel based dust which is blown into active termites workings. It is a localised termite treatment which is designed to eradicate the termite colony another tool in the fight against termites.
  • Termite Control - Use an integrated program to manage termites. Combine methods such as modifying habitats, excluding termites from the building by physical and chemical means, and using mechanical and chemical methods to destroy existing colonies.
  • Termite Inspections Sydney - A visual inspection of a house or building for active or inactive termites.
  • Termite Protection - A method of termite control to protect a house from termites.
  • Termites - Any of numerous pale-colored, usually soft-bodied social insects of the order Isoptera that live mostly in warm regions and many species of which feed on wood, often destroying trees and wooden structures. Also called white ant.
  • Termiticide - Termiticide a liquid residual chemical designed to bond to soil particles which kills termites.
  • Thermal Imaging for termites - Thermal imaging camera is utilized when carrying out termite inspections. Thermal imaging detects heat variations and impixalates them. Just another tool in the fight against termites.
  • Ticks - Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are often found in tall grass and shrubs where they will wait to attach to a passing host. Physical contact is the only method of transportation for ticks. Ticks do not jump or fly, although they may drop from their perch and fall onto a host. Some species actively stalk the host by foot.
  • White Tail Spiders - The white-tailed spider, are medium-sized spiders from southern and eastern Australia, so named because of the whitish tips at the end of their abdomens.

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