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Silverfish | Pest Control Sydney | Facts


Silver fish are small, soft insects without wings, they have a flat body which is covered in overlapping scales. They are about half inch long. Silver fish prefer damp, moderate temperature places such as basements, laundry rooms and under sinks. Occasionally you can find them in bath tubs, seeking food or moisture. Silver fish prefer vegetable matter, however when inside they will almost anything, such as, dried beef, flour, starch, paper, gum, glue, cotton, linen, rayon, silk, sugar, moulds, breakfast cereals, wall paper paste, books and papers.


Silver fish can lay up to 50 eggs at one time, which can hatch between two weeks up to two months after being laid.


Silver fish normally live outdoors under rocks, bark or leaf mounds, in the nests of birds and mammals, in ant and termite nests.

Sources of any undue moisture such as faulty plumbing or condensation that provide the humidity favoured by these pests should be eliminated.

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