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This video is about Bees and Bee Pest Control in Sydney, NSW Australia by Micropest Bee Removal. Bees present themselves as a major pest control from late August to late February.Bees Bees generally like to nest in air vents and cracks and crevasses in brickwork. All you need to do to get rid of bees is to introduce a bit of Coopex Dust into the colony. Coopex dust has no odour, no stain and a low toxicity. Don't be a hero, call Micropest Pest Control to remove bees from your home.

Bees And Bee Pest Control Video


Hello, my name's Gerard Dallow from Micropest Pest Control. This video is about bees. Bees present themselves as a major pest control problem in Sydney from late August to late February. Bees occur everywhere throughout Australia.

Bees generally like to nest in air vents and cracks and crevices in brickwork and they're a dangerous pest to have around your house.


There are approximately 20000 species of bees in the world. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. The most common pest species in Sydney are the European Honey Bee.


Bees are very easy to get rid of: all we need to do is introduce a little bit of Coopex dust into their colony. It's a dust that gets blown into their colony and as the bees are moving around and flapping their wings, they spread the dust right throughout the colony, so it's a very easy process, but we don't recommend that you do this at home.

This is what they call a duster and this little bulb here is filled with Coopex dust.


About 50 grams of Coopex dust is enough to eradicate the nest. Coopex dust is safe, ept and human friendly bee control treatment. Coopex dust has no odour, no stain and a low toxicity. Bees can be extremely aggressive and in some cases cause death. Do not be a hero. Call Micropest Pest Control - the bee experts. On average it costs $200 to treat a bee nest in Sydney.

Not only do bees have a painful sting and cost money to treat, they cost more money to fix their damage like this nest in the roof.


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