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Wasps pictures, facts, videos and pest control treatments by Micropest Pty Ltd Sydney. Also D.I.Y wasp pest control treatment. Wasps are very common place in Sydney especially in the upper North Shore and Hills districts of Sydney.

Wasp control

Wasp Pest Control Price List

Many wasps are capable of inflicting a sting which may be milder or greater severity than a bees sting. However the frequency of such stinging is far less than for bees, especially from more venomous species. Some wasps are solitary but there are communal species and multiple stinging can occur with ease. Some species habitually use the same nest from year to year and these may be on shrubs in the garden or even attached to the exterior of houses. This of course increases the likelihood of stinging incidents.

The social paper nest wasps are the most common cause of wasp stings. These are usually mild, but possibility of multiple wasps stinging is high and occasionally and of a anaphylactic responses occur.

In recent years another communal wasp, the European wasp, has become established in New South Wales, and although no major attacks on humans have been recorded, this wasp is known to have a very painful sting and it may sting several times in an attack.

h2>Proffessional Wasp Pest Control

Control of wasps and nest removal requires professional assistance, but applications to control wasps are generally best done at night when the wasps are less active. The application of synthetic pyre-thrum dust called Coopex dust is effective in most instances. Once the wasp nest is dead we remove the nest.

D.I.Y Wasp Pest Control

Words of warning before carrying out any sort of wasp pest control please be very aware wasps do sting and in some cases can be fatal. Any wasp nest beyond arms length do not attempt to eliminate as it is too dangerous. Make sure you use all the appropriate safety equipment. Highly recommend a professional pest control company for wasp control.

1) Go to supermarket or hardware shop and get an spray can of insecticide registered for use for the elimination of wasps.

2) Get some red cellophane, rubber-band and a torch.

3) Wait for nightfall to treat wasps as they will all be in the nest and at night and they are a little more docile.

4) Wrap the red cellophane around the head of the torch and secure it with the rubber band. Put on a bee hood and some overalls. Red light is the least disturbing for wasps at night time.

5) Approach the nest with caution and pre-plan for a rapid retreat to a secure location inside a house or building. At arms length spray a continuous jet of insecticide for approximately five seconds at the centre of the nest. After this time retreat very promptly to your secure location. After thirty minutes return cautiously back to the nest. If there are still active wasps keep on repeating the process again until there are no more wasps.

Wasp Pest Control Price List

Pest control Sydney Company Micropest provides the following wasps and wasp control Sydney service with an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible. If you want to have cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and carpet beetle included you might want to consider a Sydney pest control treatment.

Services Apartment Houses Commercial
Wasps $260.00 $260.00 Call for quote

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Wasp Pest Control Sydney company Micropest Pty Ltd will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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