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Pest Control Rats Ultimo

Posted on Sep.06, 2012, under Pest Control, Rats

Micropest Pest Control Sydney

Pest Control Rats Ultimo.

The rats around Ultimo are breeding prolifically and are starting to be quite bold. My name is Gerard from Micropest pest control Sydney and I have been in the pest control industry for over 29 years. When you see rats boldly running around during the day foraging for food you can guarantee that there is a large population of rats.

A few factors to take into consideration for this population explosion. The most important being the local authorities not investing enough time and money in the pest control of the rats. Secondly, the never-ending increase in population in Ultimo also increases the amount of garbage produced in the area which is a ready food source for the rats.


Last week I carried out three pest control rat treatments in Harris Street Ultimo all within 100 m of each other and none of these clients were associated with each other. I also go to Ian Thorpe’s gym in Pyrmont and it is quite commonplace to see rats running around in the gardens in the morning. Enough is enough and business owners, homeowners and local authorities have to become responsible and start to invest some time and money into rat pest control. Unfortunately, to get the problem under control there is no use in being a one-hit-wonder, there have to be regular rat pest control treatments.

What is a rat pest control treatment and how can I do one myself?.

Now it’s not that difficult. The only disadvantage you have compared to Micropest pest control is that the quality of rat bait we use is superior. to purchase it you have to be a registered pest controller with a current pest control license. Our bait is a lot more palatable and toxic. This increases the chances of rats dying in drains and out of the way places rather than dying in your walls, roofs spaces, or sub-floor. This can make your house un-liveable for a month or so while the rat is decomposing. I’m sure if this happened to you, you would regret ever trying to carry out a rat pest control treatment yourself.

If you really want to conduct your own rat control treatment what I would do is purchase 50 Bromakill wax blocks from the supermarket. This will cost you approximately $80 or so. Remove the Baits from their packaging and place them directly near the manhole of the roof cavity. To make the rat bait a little more palatable put a little strawberry jam on top of the rat bait.

The rats that are most prevalent in Ultimo are Norway rats which like to live in high and warm places like roof voids. Within one week check the rat baits in the roof cavity and find out how many have been eaten. If they have all been eaten which is highly likely in Ultimo purchase 50 more wax blocks. Check again in one week’s time and if there have been no more rat baits consumed it’s time for stage two.

Not many pest controllers know about stage two because they not trained correctly. It is very important to understand that rats are incontinent,  just about blind, and have got a keen sense of smell. New rats will follow the old rat’s urine tracks back up to your roof void in hope of finding a new mate. To reduce the chances of this happening again wash down all the accessible walls and paths with a light solution of bleach which will remove the urine tracks.

This article about pest control rats Ultimo was written by Gerard Dallow. Should you require our pest control services please contact our Surry Hills pest control office.


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