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Pest Control For Rodents And Rats Sydney

Rat control is commonly undertaken when economic loss is experienced or a rodent has been seen in a building or house. Micropest provides a twelve month warrenty for most rodent control jobs, we utilize a rat control treatment call Stratagem , the professional way to make a killing. Stratagem is a very pallitable and toxic rat bait making it a fast acting and effective treatment. The chances of a rat dieing in you roof, subfloor or wall cavity are remote with strategem in comparison to cheap domestically bought baits.

Rat And Rodent Control Price List

There are other situations where rats occur in numbers, such as sewers, garbage areas, waterfront properties, estuaries, parks, schools and generally where rodent control is not exerted. Such situations provide reservoir sites for the rodent population.

Rat and Rodent Control Sydney

The nights in April are proving to be very cold and wet which are causing the rats to move indoors in the nice warm wall and roof cavitys. The number of rat control jobs have increased by 60% since last year. Rats making holes in dishwasher pipes and chewing out wiring is the most common problem at the present time. Rats can cause fires and water leaks due to the gnawing of wires and pipes, so if you do hear noises in the roof or your water consumption increased dramatically get a rodent control service promptly.

Micropest recommends to undertake rat control when population densities are low although it is very difficult to overcome the very strong tendency to exert rodent control only when the populations are obviously high. As with many rodents populations of rats and mice, once they reach plague proportions, inevitably decline due to the competition amongst themselves and diseases, even if no control measures are employed. I don't think too many people would let it get too much out of control in their house or building before they would employ rat control measures.

Exclusion implies all those means by which rats and mice are prevented from entering buildings and the proper management of the contents of the warehouses, food stores, houses and other buildings likely to provide harbourage and food. Modern construction methods overcome many of the problems which face older type buildings so that as time goes on more and more buildings should be able to be maintained free of rodent inhabitants.

Poisoning and trapping techniques, to be really successful, depend to a large measure on the application of knowledge of rat behaviour. The most important points are the regularity of movement by establishing and using trails from nest to forage areas, and their shyness of anything new appearing on or close to the regular beats. Micropest utilises Rosie the rat sniffing dog sometimes to track rats to their harbourage and micropest has ability of utilising UV light. UV light you may ask yourself, rats are incontinent and they urinate on the run. Their urine just like ours is enriched with minerals which when flashed under UV light. Another way of tracking rats to their nests, is to get a good quality torch and look out for oil scuff marks on walls or likely areas where rats would like to harbour. Over a period of time rats leave oil scuff marks on regularly travelled routes to their nests.

Proper use of traps entails the placing of traps unset and without bait and suitable places for 3 to 5 nights before the baited and set. Traps should be placed near runways, break back traps at right angles to the run with debate towards the run, cage traps with long axis parallel to the run. The choice of bait may be of some port importance of the rats all mice may have become especially fond of a particular foodstuff. Mice feeding on chocolate may not be attracted to the normally useful cheese. Initial exposure of traps is not necessary with mice but most advantageous for rats. It is very important when doing any trapping or poisoning to wear gloves to cover the human smell. Rats are extremely shy and suspicious.

The number of traps should equal or exceed the estimated number of rats in the infestation. The trap should be carefully serviced and set as late as possible and the afternoons, and rats should be collected and traps reset early in the morning.

When mice are being trapped it should be realised that their feeding rage seldom exceeds 6 metres so that their traps placed too far away from their nests will not be visited.

Trapping is of only supplementary value and large rat infestations that useful when only a very few rats are present or as a means of eliminating those remaining after a poisoning campaign. Micropest does not physically trap rats. We prefer to utilise a baiting campaign and our poison of choice is stratagem.

Rat Control Testimonial Of The Month

My name is Joanne Tooley from Pymble. We rang Micropest Rat control because we heard a continuous gnawing sound coming from the roof of our house. It would start at 10pm at night and carry on till 1am in the morning and it was loud. The roof cavity of a house is like a amplifier. In the end to sleep I stuck plugs in my ears.

We talked to a number of rat control company's that we found on the web. I decided to contact Micropest because he was the only qualified pest controller, I talked to after telephoning 3 companies.

The man from Micropest came out the next day, put some rat control baits next to the manhole in the roof and left all with twenty minutes. I was a bit dubious about the length of time he spent in our house but I was very happy with the results. The rats had a big party in my roof that night. The next night silence. It was so quite it was unnerving, I couldn't sleep.

To cut a long story short I can honestly recommend Micropest Pest Control for any Rat control or Pest control problems you may have. They are knowledgeable, prompt and professional. There website is very good too.

Rat control price list

Micropest provides the following rodent and rat control Sydney service with an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible.

Services Apartment Houses Commercial
Rats $240.00 $280.00 Ring for quote.

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