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My Name is Gerard from Micropest Pest Control Sydney and I first started in the pest control industry 21 years ago. I was 25 at the time and travelling around Australia and desperately needed a job. I happened to be in the City of Churches, Adelaide, at the time. I answered a job ad in the local paper for a pest control operator with a pest control licence. I didn't have a pest control licence but I went for a job interview anyway.

I was lucky because the Adelaide pest control company I went for the job interview with had no other applicants so I got the job without a pest control licence. One of the conditions of my employment was I had to get a pest control licence and work beside a 70 year old pest controller who was the number one trouble shooter for Flick Pest Control for many years. Back in those days to get a full pest control licence it took three years of practical experience with a fully qualified pest control operator and a lot of study at TAFE. Nowadays you can get a pest control licence within a month, or even shorter in some cases, including practical experience of only a week with a fully qualified pest controller who has been in the industry for two months.

Pest Control Licence

When you first start with pest management industry you generally go through the motions. You don't really think too much about what you doing. But like a fine wine a good pest controller after five or so years starts to think about why and where they are spraying. Generally after spending 10 years in the pest control industry you're expert and you can pest control in your sleep. 20 years in the industry and you're at the top of the food chain. It is very rare to have a pest control man come to your house with over 20 years of experience. When you telephone Micropest pest management Sydney you will get a pest control operator who has been in the pest management industry for over 25 years carry out your pest control service.

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