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Termite Control Video

This termite control video is designed to educate you the consumer how a termite control is carried out. It is a very short download approximately 30 seconds. After watching this termite control video please don't hesitate to ring me on 1300 24 33 77 (1300 CHEERS) or likewise email me. The following video to this is the Termite inspection video. (Pest inspection, building inspection).

What Is A Termite Control Treatment?

Termite Control Treatment - Use an integrated program to manage termites. Combine methods such as modifying habitats, excluding termites from the building by physical and chemical means, and using mechanical and chemical methods to destroy existing colonies.

Termite Control Video Transcript


Well I'm back again. Termite control treatments - best treatment I have found and I have been in the industry 18 years has got to be hands down Premise any day of the week. Bayer make it, it's true, it's tried, it's tested, it's been around for 8 years. I have never had an issue with any Premise treatment I have ever done.

A Premise Treatment: What a Premise treatment is, it's a termite control method. It's a residual treatment, its non-repellent, its basically very simple. We put a residual treatment around all the structures coming up out of the ground: around the piers, around the foundations, around the external foundations, where there is cement up against the foundations we drill holes 300mm apart and pressure inject the Termiticide underneath the cement so it spreads out underneath the cement 5 litres per lineal metre. Where there's pavers, we lift up the pavers, we put the Termiticide underneath the pavers, then we put the pavers back. Underneath the house we trench around all the pillars, piers and foundations, 5 litres of per lineal metre of Termiticide. Cement after the holes have been filled with Premise, we put some toilet paper or some paper down the hole and then cap them with cement because otherwise the cement will go straight down the holes.

All the moving of the pavers, the drilling of the holes, the trenching and all the disruption of the house, it's very important to put it back together the way it was. A lot of the time we put it back together better than it was.

Premise lasts between 8 to 10 years. I mean it's just the only treatment on the market

that you're allowed in the house while I'm treating. It's water-based, it's non-repellent Non-repellency is a very important aspect of a good Termiticide treatment. Due to the fact that termites are blind, they can't smell and they blunder upon their food source. You don't want them to know that there's any Termiticide there. The whole idea is for them to go through it, and when they go through it they get it on their skin. When they groom each other they get sick then they start to die. The termites don't know why they are dying, they don't know where the chemical is. Premise - the best on the market. You do it once, you do it properly. You're gonna save yourself time, money and grief. You've got piece of mind.

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