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White Tail Spiders

White Tail Pest Control Price List

White Tail spiders are a very common spider evident throughout Southern and Eastern Australia.There are three toxic spiders in Sydney, the white tail spider is the least most toxic followed by the Red Back Spider and Sydney Funnel Web spider. Micropest Pest Control Sydney is a prominent White Tail spider control company, which utilizes effective yet safe spider pest control treatments. The following links contain closely related information about White Tail spiders.

White Tail Spiders Identification.

White Tail Spiders have a dark red/grey, long body and eight dark orange-brown legs. Males grow up to about 12mm, while females are larger at 18mm.

Their grey dorsal abdomen bears two pairs of faint white spots that are less distinct in adults, with a white spot at the tip; the male has a hard, scute (narrow plate) on the front of the abdomen.

White Tail Spiders Classification.

Genus: Lampona

Class: Arachnida

Family: Lamponidae

Suborder: Araneomorphae

Order: Araneae

Phylum: Arthropoda

Kingdom: Animalia

White Tail Spiders Habitat.

White Tail Spiders are found in southern and eastern Australia including south Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and southern Western Australia.

White tail spiders like to live in dark, humid and sheltered spots around your house and garden.

White Tail Spiders Toxicity.

The White Tail Spider's bite is often related to severe, untreatable ulceration and skin lesions known medically as "necrotizing arachnidism", however, this is largely a myth as confirmed by several case studies. Minor bacterial infection of the wound is most likely the cause of such cases of ulceration.

However, fact states that their bites usually cause an initial burning pain followed by swelling and itchiness of the bitten area. Occasionally, welts or blistering occurs.

I have being bitten by White Tail Spiders many times, and I find washing the bite with detol disinfectant and applying calamine lotion heals the bite quite quickly.

D.I.Y Pest Control For White Tail Spiders.

There are three successful methods of controlling White Tail Spiders infesting your house.

1) Physically catching and removing any that you come across and by removing the webs of other smaller spiders, upon which they feed. Their favourite food source is the black house spider.

2) If you get a general pest control treatment on your house, you not only get rid of all the spiders and cockroaches but you also you eliminate the white tail spiders main food source which is the black house spider. Like all spiders or insects if you take away their food source it makes other spiders and insect less likely to want to live there and breed.

3) The final way of reducing the amount of white tail spiders around the home is by introducing fly screens and locking them out and introducing a dehumidifier into their environment. Like all insects and spiders they like to live in a humid environment. Dry out their environment and they find it less desirable to want to live there.

White Tail Spider Price List.

Pest control Sydney Company Micropest provides the following White tail pest control service with an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible. If you want to have cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and carpet beetle included you might want to consider a Sydney pest control treatment.

Services Apartment Houses Restaurant
(conditions apply)
White Tail Spiders $240.00 $240.00 $240.00

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White tail Spider Pest Control company Micropest Pty Ltd will endeavour to assist you in the best, and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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