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A pest inspection of a building is a through visual inspection of the roof void, subfloor and external buildings and gardens for pests such as red back spiders, wasps, Sydney funnel web spiders, carpet beetle, rats, ants, possums, bandicoots, cockroaches and many other pests to numerous to mention.

After a pest inspection we can quote you on the appropriate pest control treatment.

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A pest inspection is quite often more than not confused with a termite inspection. However Micropest pest inspections Sydney gives a free pest inspection with every termite inspection in June.

Pest Inspection Sydney N.S.W.

What Do We Look For In The Roof Void.

pest-inspection in the roof

When we are in the roof void we look for rat droppings, possum droppings, birds and cockroaches.

Rat droppings are generally 5mm long, black and cylindrical. If the droppings are soft and not hard it is a good indication that the rats are active and a rat control treatment is required. You can smell rats and rat urine in a roof however they do not leave behind a urine stain. Rats are incontinent and urinate small droplets on the run.

Possum droppings are a lot larger than rat droppings and are brown or green. They are 15mm to 20mm cylindrical pellet. Very similar to rabbit droppings. Possums quite often leave behind an unsightly urine stain on the jib rock ceilings and their urine smells quite significantly.


Occasionally we come across birds nesting in the roof which cause bird lice. The nesting needs to be removed and the building needs a bird lice treatment.

The most common pest we find when carrying out a pest inspection in a roof is cockroaches. We look for cockroach eggs and cockroach droppings. Cockroach droppings are black and the size of a grain of rice.

When we get lots of rain it is quite often the case where ants will move their nest from outside in to the roof cavity.

What Do We Look For Inside The House.

pest-inspection inside the house

In the interior of the house when I carry out a pest inspection on the kitchen I look for German cockroaches and their faeces behind the refrigerator, under the jug, in the hinges of the kitchen cupboards , around the dishwasher and microwave. If found a German cockroach treatment is required.

In the kitchen cupboards we also look for other species of cockroaches and mouse or rat droppings. A good indication of mouse activity is the bags of food with little holes in them. Their droppings look very similar to Australian cockroach droppings.

A very important area for inspection is the edges of the carpet for sign of carpet beetle. Carpet beetle literally eat around the edges of woollen carpet, leaving behind bare patches. These are a very destructive pest and can be rectified with a general pest treatment.

We inspect inside for white tail spiders, black house spiders, red back spiders and daddy long legs. For addressing any spider problems we suggest you remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

Inside a house white tail spiders are generally the most concerning spider issue. If you have lots of whitetail spiders I can guarantee that you have a lot of their favourite food source the black house spider. A general pest control treatment will rectify this issue.

If you want to reduce pesty insects in your house or building I recommend you have good fly screens and buy a dehumidifier. Delongi 20 litres per day, automatic humidistat, is a very good machine. Insects like humidity and a dehumidifier removes it making it less desirable for them to live or breed in your house or building.

What Do We Look For External Areas Of The House.

pest inspection outside

When we carry out a pest inspection in the external parts of your house, gardens, garage and out-buildings we are mainly looking for evidence of rats, possums,red-back spiders, wasps, Sydney funnel web spiders, black house spiders,cockroaches, bandicoots,rabbits and bush turkeys.

The most common and dangerous insect we inspect for around the externals of a house,garage,out-buildings and gardens are red back spiders.They are very common all over Sydney.We look for a low lying wispy, messy spider web that are generally located in a shelterd areas. Red back spiders like to live around the bottom of tubular pool fencing, weep holes, pot plants, in the corners of out buildings, garages, rubbish bin wheels, childrens toys, garden furniture and garage doors.If found a general pest control treatment is reccomended.

Red back spider pest inspection

Another dangerous insect we look for is the deadly Sydney funnel web spider. These are mainly located on the North Shore of Sydney, Northern Beaches And the Blue Mountains. They are not as commonly found as the red back spider in Sydney.

Sydney funnel web spider

Sydney funnel web spiders are generally found in lawns and leave litter in the garden. They hide in deep, perfect web lined circular holes. Quite often you can see them if you shine a torch down their hole.

Sydney Funnel Web Spider Nest

The worst experience I had with The Sydney funnel web spider was in the Blue Mountain when I was carrying out a termite inspection. I was in the sub-floor of a house and my torch run out of batteries so I asked my apprentice to get another torch from the truck and carrying on crawling into the subfloor of the house in the dark. He passed me the torch and I turned in on only to see I was lying on hundreds of Sydney funnel web holes.

Another sign of Sydney funnel web spiders are little holes in your garden or lawn where bandicoots excavate the soil around the funnel web holes to eat their favourite food the funnel web spider.

Sydney funnel web spiders also get confused with the black house spiders which sometimes leaves behind funnel like webbing above the ground around window frames.I get a considerale number of phone calls from customers claiming they have funnel webs in their window frames.Black house spiders look very similar.

Wasps are a very common occurance around the window frames and eves. Do not attempt to eradicate wasps , best to ring the proffessionals.


Bandicoots, rabbits and bush-turkeypopulations have exploded in the last five years because of the intensive fox baiting programme. Bandicoots leave behind small holes in your lawn or garden, rabbits leave behind large deep holes. Bush turkeys leave behind big mounds of leave litter and plants when the male is starting a nest. They all have sensitive noses and on more than one occasion I having been successful in moving them along with a liberal dose of dynamic lifter fertiliser spread throughout the garden and lawn.

What Do We Look For Under The House.


The normal pests that live in the subfloor of houses are cockroaches, red back spiders, rats and the occasional possum and Sydney funnel web spider. If a house has good sub-floor ventilation it significantly reduces the amount of pest activity. Just like you and me pests don't like to sleep in a draft. They prefer humidity.

The most common spiders I come across in house subfloors would have to be red back spiders and the occasional funnel web spider.

I would expect to see the larger species of cockroaches underneath unventilated suspended cement slabs in bathrooms and patios.

Very occasionally I will come across a rat nest or possum in the sub-floor. They generally live in the roof or wall cavities.

"Pest-Proof Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide"

1) Don't fall for the misconception that gutter guards make gutter cleaning a thing of the past. Even with gutter guards, it's essential to clean out your gutters at least once or twice a year, especially if a high concentration of trees surround your home. Blocked gutters can lead to overflow and even blockage of storm-water pipes, creating excessive moisture around the house or building making it more conducive for termites and other house hold pests.

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Pest Inspection Company Micropest Pest Control Sydney will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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