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Termite Control Sydney Micropests Gerard Dallow has personally provided approximately seven thousand successful termite control treatments for homes and buildings infested by termites over his thirty-five year career. Over this time, he has utilised many different termite treatments, weeding out the ineffective, unsafe and retaining the best.

1) Baiting with Sentricon 2) Dusting with Fripronil Dust 3) Spraying with Premise Termiticide 4) Spraying with Termidor he .

Why Choose Us?

1) If you're facing a termite infestation in your home or building, Micropest termite control technicians employ tried-and-true treatments that are both effective and safe for everyone involved. We prioritise your safety and the well-being of your pets and residents above all else. Rather than favouring a specific method or product, we carefully select the most suitable and efficient termite control treatment for each unique situation. With our very skilled and experienced Sydney pest control operator Gerard Dallow, your termite problem will be swiftly resolved.

2)Well-established, affordable, Australian, family-owned, and managed termite control company. Competent in every facet of both domestic and commercial pest control. We are not a very big termite treatment Sydney company, but we are a very good one. Our hundreds of Google customer reviews reflect that.

3) We use the latest safe yet effective, baby, environmentally and pet-friendly technology for both residential and commercial termite control, enabling us to provide you peace of mind pest-free environment.

4) All our technicians have insurance (professional indemnity, public liability) and have a currently certified pest management license.

5) Micropest pest control Sydney uses the latest technologically advanced termite inspection tools. We don't charge termite inspection customers anything to use thermal imaging or Terma-track.

6) We are located in three locations, Lower North Shore( Artarmon) , Upper North Shore ( Wahroonga ), and the northernmost suburb of Sydney Berowra. We provide a Sydney wide service area.

7) Our exterminators wear disposable medical jumps suits, disposable nitrol gloves, and plastic boots before we enter your house. No dirty boots or clothes are stomping through your home!

8) Quality termite control products and services. The best pest control Sydney has to offer.

Termite Treatment Sydney Price-list

Because of the complexity of a termite treatment, a termite inspection is necessary to quote accurately. However, please call Micropest Pest Control Sydney as sometimes we can estimate an approximate price over the phone.

Termidor He

Protect your home from termites more efficiently than ever before with Termidor He the latest innovation in termite defense. With Termidor, you're choosing the industry leader in termite treatments, boasting a flawless track record since 2002. The new, highly concentrated formula means quicker application and less disruption to your property. Termidor HE uses a ground-breaking technology that spreads the active ingredients more effectively throughout the soil, ensuring comprehensive coverage with minimal environmental impact.

Fewer holes drilled and smaller trenches required, termite protection now comes with a lighter touch, keeping your home safe and your garden intact. Experience peace of mind with Termidor HE, where advanced science meets unparalleled protection.

Premise Termite Treatment.

Premise is a liquid, residual, non repellent termite control treatment. Premise is water-based, non-repellent, environmentally friendly, pet friendly, no odour, and very low toxicity. The active ingredient in Premise is imacadclorapid, which is used for flea pest control on cats and dogs (Advantage).

Premise Termite Control.jpg

Premise termite protection is the only soil termite treatment that does not require the occupants to leave while Micropest is carrying out the termite pest control treatment.

Basically, a Premise termite treatment is a liquid residual treatment applied around all the structures coming up out of the ground around your house or building that bonds to the soil particles.

Premise Termite Control Video

Sentricon Termite Baiting

Sentricon termite control baiting is fast becoming Sydney's most popular termite control method. Sentricon bait is food placed on active termites to attract, entice or lure termites to the desired location.

Senticon Termite Control Baiting

The principle of the Sentricon baiting system is to put the sentricon bait in an aggregation device once a vast number of termites have accumulated in them. Once the termites eat the baits, it affects their moulting. Surely but gradually, the nest of termites start to die.

Fripronil Dusting Termite Treatment.

Fripronil dust is one of the latest technologies to come into the termite treatment Sydney market. It is a cellulose fibre active constituent being Fripronil. It is dust that is blown into localised active termite leads and areas. The fripronil dust attaches itself to the termite's body, and other termites groom and ingest the cellulose fibre.

Fripronil Dusting Termite Control.jpg

Termites feed through trophallaxis, meaning they lick the sweat off each others back to feed. One termite will feed 50 others. Once those termites are dead, the other termites cannibalise them, passing the toxic friptonal throughout the colony, which eventually eliminates the colony long as you have enough active termites to dust in the first place.

Approximately 30,000 termites need to be dusted to eliminate an average termite nest successfully with fripronil dust. So far, it has been the most successful dust to enter the Sydney termite control market.

Micropest Termite Treatment Sydney Mission Statement?

Termite Control Sydney specialists Micropest will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

Our Locations


Address: 24/24-36 Pacific Highway, Wahroonga N.S.W 2076

Phone:1300 243 377

Hours: Open 7 days, 7 am–10 pm

We provide the same day emergency services for the Upper North Shore suburbs of Wahroonga, Pymble, Hornsby, Turramurra, Westleigh and Thornleigh.


Address:111 Yallambee Road Berowra, Sydney N.S.W 2081.

Phone:(02) 9489 0013

Hours: Open 7 days, 7 am–10 pm

We provide the same day emergency services for Berowra, Galston, Arcadia, Brooklyn, Mt White, Mt Colah and Asquith.


Address: 43 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW 2064

Phone:1300 884 166

Hours: Open 7 days, 7 am–10 pm

We provide the same day emergency services for the Lower North Shore suburbs of Artarmon, Chatswood, Lane Cove, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, North Bridge and Castlecrag.

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