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Redback Spider

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A Redback spider is Australia's best known spider. A red-back spider, Latrodectus hasselti, are found all over Australia but are rarely found in Tasmania because it is too cold. This species of spider is one of three spiders classified as dangerous spiders which live in Sydney. The other two are the Sydney funnel-web spider and the more common and least dangerous the White Tail spider.

Micropest pest control Sydney is a prominent Redback spider pest control company which uses safe yet effective red back spider pest control treatments. Gerard has thirty- five years of experiance eradicating red back spiders. The following web page contains closely related information about first aid, identification, Habitat, pest control video and a D.I.Y Red Back Pest Control.

Identifying Red-back Spiders

Female Redback spiders are black to brown, pea-shaped with a red stripe on the back of their abdomen. Females are up to 12mm body length. Only female redbacks are dangerous because the male jaws are usually too small.

The male Red back spider is tiny only about 3mm in body length. Male redback spiders are rarely seen. They are small and brown with red and white markings.

A female red back spider can produce eggs for up to two years after a single mating. Eggs are enclosed in three to five creamy-white, woolly, spherical egg sacs suspended in the retreat of the web and guarded by the female.

The babies emerge after about fifteen days and spread on the wind as soon as conditions are right. This is how red back spiders turn up in new places or quickly recolonise areas from which they have previously been removed.

Because red backs like to hide in areas protected from the weather, when I evaluate a house before I start to treat it, I look for red back spider webs. They have a very distinctive web; it is a low lying messy web that ordinarily will have leaves and other garden materials stuck to it.

Red Back Spiders Classification

Species: Hasselti

Genus: Latrodectus

Family: Theridiidae

Order: Araneae

Class: Arachnida

Phylum: Arthropoda

Kingdom: Animalia

red back spiders redback spiders

Red Back Spiders Habitats

Red back Spiders are widespread in rural and urban areas. It is a retiring spider and prefers quiet, dark, undisturbed surroundings. Common places for it to occur are in rank grass, under piles of junk, in empty drums, tins, dark corners of uncared for buildings, petrol bowsers, pumps and other stationary machinery, grease traps, sometimes under dry stones, and especially in outdoor toilets. Any such situations must have remained undisturbed for a period of months.

My experience with red back spiders they are most of the time at ankle height and they like still humid air so they hide in areas protected by the weather. Red back spiders are more common in spring and summer.

Red Back Spider First Aid

This spider is not aggressive, and humans must make contact with it before it bites. Red back-spider bites may occur on the hands and arms or occasionally on the head.

Some deaths have occurred due to the bites of the Red Back Spiders (probably very few and probably only in children). Nevertheless, the effects are often severe, especially after the venom has entered the general circulation, from 30 minutes to 10 hours after the bite.

Immediate local reactions are minor; nothing may be detectable, or only a small red mark, or up to an aching pain at the site and localised sweating. Oedema of the penis or arm certainly occurs in some cases. Eventually, there is always the pain of varying intensity, and sweating is common, weakness, pallor and nausea are likely to occur, and symptoms of shock may appear.

I personally have been bitten by redback spiders half a dozen times in my thirty-five years in the pest control industry. My reactions have always been nausea, sweating and dizziness that lasted approximately two hours. Not that severe. With the small body mass of a child, the reactions will be more powerful. Best to educate your children about redback spiders and get an annual pest control service.

Medical treatment should be sought for bites from this spider. Restrictive bandages and arterial tourniquets are not recommended, nor is excision of the wound, but the patient should receive anti-venom as soon as possible. Cold packs or cold water may help to relieve the pain.

D.I.Y Red Back Pest Control

To carry out a D.I.Y pest control treatment for red back spiders the first thing I would do is:

1) Remove breeding/resting sites.

2) Purchase fifteen litres of pre mix pyrethium from the local hardware store or supermarket.

3) Purchase a five litre sprayer from the hardware store.

4) Fill up the five-litre sprayer with the liquid pyrethrum and spray around the base of the foundations of all buildings, flower pots, retaining walls, fences and posts externally. Internally spray around foundations of any toilets, outbuildings and garages.

5) Any chemically sensitive areas such as children's toys, BBQ and pet enclosures, I would spray them once a week with a high-pressure hose.

6) For an environmentally friendly red back D.I.Y pest control treatment, I would do all the above once a week with a high-pressure hose. Doing this will give the red back spiders no time to nest and breed, making them highly uncomfortable and less conducive conditions for them to want to stay.

Redback Spider Price List Sydney

Sydney red back spiders pest control company Micropest Pest Control Sydney, provides the following services with an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible.

Services Apartment Houses Restaurant
(conditions apply)
Redback Spiders $280.00 $280.00 $280.00

Mission Statement?

Red Back Spider Pest Control company Micropest Pest Control Sydney will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

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red back spider

red back spiders

redback spider

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