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Termites, Cockroaches And Spiders can run but they can't hide from Micropest Pest Control Sydney.


Pest Control Testimonials Sydney

Pest control and termite control client testimonials about Micropest pest control Sydney. What people say about our service:

"My name is Melinda Jacobsen I have a house on the border of Castle Hill and West Pennant Hills Sydney. On the first week of October 2011 I was cleaning my house as you do when you got two toddlers my foot went through the floor of my lounge room severely spraining my foot. Termites had eaten my floor to the stage that there was no structural integrity left in the floorboards behind the couch. You could not imagine the physical and mental pain I had from severely spraining my foot, let alone the anxiety I was feeling because of not knowing how much damage the termites had done to my house. After searching on the Internet for a termite control company, I came up with three companies that I thought were professional termite control specialists. Micropest termite control being one of them.

On the day the termite control companies were supposed to turn up to give me a quote Micropest termite control was the only company that came on time. Nothing is worse than waiting on tradesmen that promise to be there at a certain time. After comparing the three termite control quotes. I was amazed of the conflicting information and prices, I was getting from the three different pest control companies. Thank God for the Internet. After researching the different termite control methods on the Internet. I decided to go with the cheaper company because of the fact I have a big mortgage and a young family. If I had the money I would have gone with Micropest. Unfortunately even though I thought Micropest was the most professional termite control company that quoted me they were AUD1000 more than the other companies. The man from Micropest explained to me why he was thousand dollars more but in the end it comes down to affordability. I wish I had listened to him. The company I contracted put two aboveground sentricon bait stations on the activity in my subfloor. He charged me AUD1800 which I thought was quite reasonable, taking into consideration Micropest had quoted me AUD2800. After a month, the termites disappeared and I was one very happy chappie.

Six months down the track. My husband and I noticed the door of the bathroom was falling apart. My husband poked a screwdriver into the door frame and low and behold, there were termites coming out of the hole. We tried to ring the company that we had originally contracted to carry out the termite control baiting on our house, but unfortunately the phone number was disconnected. My husband and I felt like real idiots. The common phrase cheap and nasty came to mind.

We ended up telephoning Gerrard from Micropest pest control services, he came out and looked at the active termites in the bathroom door frame and strongly recommended that we carried out a termite inspection report in which we neglected to do with the last company. Upon a termite inspection Gerrard not only found active termites eating the bathroom door frame, they were right throughout the subfloor of our house, in two trees out the front of the house and they had also had caused major structural damage to the roof. I have to admit it was one of the more distressing times in my life.

Micropest was very professional in the way they carried out their work. Micropest stuck to the original quote of AUD2800. They applied four aboveground sentricon bait stations to the active termite areas, drilled and treated the two active trees in the front of the house and came back in thirty days time to find that all the termites in the house, garden and trees had disappeared. The termite nests in the two trees at the front of the house were obviously the termites eating a house.

At the end of the day we learnt the lesson the hard way about being cheap and nasty, when it comes to termites eating our house. Termite control is something you should never try and save money on. You get what you pay for. At the end of the day because there is no insurance for termites we had to fork out AUD180,000 to fix up all the damaged timber in the roof, which was the most expensive. AUD2800 for the termite control work. AUD1800 for the termite control idiot the first time.

Thank you Micropest for all the work that you carried out on our property. I honestly recommend Gerrard from Micropest for any termite control work that you want carried out on your house. Micropest was professional, on time and effective. Good luck to anyone reading this testimonial. I sincerely hope that you do not fall into the same trap that we did."

- Yours sincerely. Melinda Jacobsen, Castle Hill

Sydney pest control services are everywhere. It seems anyone can be a pest controller these days. In fact, it made it quite difficult to decide who to trust when looking for a pest exterminator to look at my cockroach, spider, ants and termite problems here in Ryde, Sydney. There are so many so-called 'pest control experts' in Sydney, but frankly a lot of them seem to just want to splash around some pest exterminator chemicals, and walk away with my money.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I Googled 'Pest Control Sydney' and found Micropest's pest controller Website. Here is someone who cares about his business and his customers and goes right out of his way to give me so much great information on his pest control website that I almost felt like a pest control expert myself by the time I picked up the phone to call Gerard. His phone manner was friendly and personable and he understood my pest problems perfectly. His knowledge of termite, cockroach, spider and ant life-cycles, as well as their habits and the kinds of risks they pose, put me at ease, knowing that he would do a thorough pest exterminator job and keep my place free of all the nasty creepy-crawlies. I highly recommend Sydney pest control exterminator, Micropest as the best choice for anyone's pest control problems. In fact, why not Google "pest control Sydney", read all about it, watch the pest control videos, and see for yourself.

- Stephen S, Ryde

"I would sincerely like to thank Micropest pest control Sydney for the great job of removing the rats from our house. My name is Nancy Tomkins. I have lived all over Australia and this is our first time in NSW. We live in Chatswood NSW and has a 50th Birthday for my husband. I woke up at 4.30 in the morning with a plate crashing in the kitchen, went to investigate and two big rats were eating my husbands birthday cake. I just about died with disgust and fright. You could hear me scream right around Australia"

"My husband ran out of bed and thought I was being tortured. It took me half an hour to calm down and ten minutes to track down a rat control company who was awake. Buy that time it was 6 o'clock in the morning and I got hold of Gerard from Micropest pest control Sydney who are based just up the road in Wahroonga. The man was very obliging and made a point to make our rat job his first in the morning. By 7 o'clock the man from Micropest had baited the roof and I have not seen or heard one since Micropest rat control."

Nancy Tomkins, Chatswood

"I'd like to thank Micropest for all the termite inspections they carried out on our houses in Castle Hill, Kellyville and Turramurra over the last seven years. We are an elderly retired couple about to take the plunge and move into a retirement home. We are liquefying all our assets and having a well-deserved rest without the hassle of maintaining rented houses. We promised Gerard we would write him a termite inspection testimonial. Micropest would carry out the termite inspections in an efficient and meticulous way, we also enjoyed the pleasure of his company every year. I would wholeheartedly recommend Micropest for any pest inspection, termite inspection or pest control. They are honest cheerful and efficient ,very rear commodities in today's world."

- Yours faithfully Jean Knox.

To whom it may concern,

Gerard from Micropest has carried out pest control services on all my houses throughout Sydney for five years now. The last pest control service he carried out for me in a terrace house that I owned in Chippendale saved the day. I had tenants complaining about a bad smell in the house and explosion of cockroaches. The managing real estate agent confirmed this and recommended the tenants to move into a hotel at my expense until the situation was rectified.

Being a landlord, nothing scares me more than having to pay for something I don't need to. I called Micropest Pest Control and Gerard came out within an hour (wow) to carry out a cockroach pest control service. After a quick evaluation he came to the conclusion that the bad smell was the sewerage. He told me to get a termite inspection so he could try to detect where the bad smell was coming from under the house.

By this time, I had come to the conclusion that the young family renting my house should stay in a hotel following the recommendation from the managing real estate agent because the smell and the cockroaches were like they were out of a horror movie.

I agreed to the termite inspection on the house. Gerard cut a man hole to the subfloor of the house to find an open sewer drain that was overflowing into the subfloor of the house. It really did smell bad. He then got the garden hose and a coat hanger and managed to unblock the sewer which was just incredible. That meant that no plumber had to come out and fix it.

That was one problem fixed, now to get rid of the smell. We went to Bunnings and picked up an inline extractor fan and a dehumidifier so he could hook that up from under the subfloor. The extractor fan extracted the bad smell from under the house and the dehumidifier dried the subfloor.

At long last the pest control man from Micropest carried out a cockroach pest control treatment. When Gerard mixed the cockroach pest control treatment he put a few drops of industrial deodoriser into the mix. Between the fan, the dehumidifier, and the deodoriser within two hours there was no smell.

The entire episode cost me $1,500.00. It could have been a hell of a lot worse without Micropest as it could have cost somewhere in the region of $3,000-$3,500. So I saved just over half the cost and the problem was fixed within half a day.

Believe me when I say, I am not the sort of person who wastes time on writing referees or recommendations for people but Gerard from Micropest saved me a fortune, time and stress. You do not find tradesmen with his broad knowledge of buildings. I would recommend him 100% of the time and now I will make sure that all my family and friends will use him. Thank you Micropest!

- Jane Milharlavich

"Well I have to admit, I've finally come across a pest control company worth its weight in salt. My name is Justin and I own 14 houses in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, Bondi, Kellyville, and Glenhaven. I get regular pest control, termite control and termite inspections on all my houses. I recently purchased a house in Castle Hill in Sydney and found I had every pest in the book. Fleas, bees, cockroaches, and termites. The prices of houses in Sydney are scary enough let alone the prices of pest control and termite control treatments.

I'm thrifty at the best of times but I'm not stupid. The cheapest price is not the best. I got five quotes for the pest control, termite control, bee control, flea control and cockroach control for the Castle Hill house. I was astounded at the price differentiations of the pest control companies. The highest quote was an amazing $6000 and the lowest quote was $2800. I could talk you all day about the amount of bullshit I heard from the pest control salesman.

I ended up choosing Micropest to pest control my fleas, bees, cockroaches and termites. The Micro pest man who carried out the work, he seemed no-nonsense straight up and honest. The price was not the cheapest but I am sure the quality was the best. I ended up paying $4800 to the Micropest man that was the termite control termite inspections, flea control, bee control and cockroach control. I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring Micropest to any one. Thank you Micropest."

- Justin, Castle Hill.

I would like to thank the Micropest man for coming out to our house in Chatswood Sydney and getting rid of our rats fast and efficiently. I rang them on the 1st of May in the morning, by 2 o'clock in the afternoon they had baited the roof. That night the rats made a lot of noise. Now I haven't heard them since.

Last year we tried our own rat control on the house but the inferior quality of the domestic bait on the market caused a number of rats to die in our roof. The house stunk for eight weeks. Unfortunately the rats died in the wall cavities. I swore from that day I will leave the rat control the professionals. Micropest rat control used a treatment called stratagem which apparently is one of the most expensive rat control baits on the market. It is very seldom that a rat will die in the roof or house when this treatment is utilised. I can confidently recommend Micropest pest control for any rat control treatments.

- Yours Sincerely, Joan White.

"My name is Kirsty Banner and I would confidently and sincerely recommend Micropest termite control Sydney branch. We have a house on the border of Belrose and Davidson on the North Shore of Sydney. Over the last 10 years we have intermittently had termites in the same area of the house. We had a termite inspections every year and a termite control treatment of property every three years, because of the bloody termites. The termite control treatments were carried out by three different companies and termite inspections by five different termite inspections companies.

At this stage of the game we had no faith in any termite control Sydney companies. We found Micropest on Google, contacted them to carry out termite inspections on two of our houses . Low and behold the Micropest man found bloody termites again in exactly the same place as the previous three times. He took one look at where the termites were, asked me whether he could knock a manhole in the patio wall on which I certainly gave permission. Contrary to what we were told and thought ourselves our patio was a suspended slab with a big void underneath it, big enough for a large wine cellar. Under the suspended slab was formwork and a large quantity of timber thrown into this void from when the house was built.

All the timber was full of termites. Micropest termidor dusted the termites. A month later we removed the timber from under the suspended slab, put ventilation holes in the walls and made the space into a big wine cellar. Cheers for that Micropest. But on sour note, over 10 years of utilising the incompetent termite inspections contractors and termite control Sydney companies we spent $46,000 on repairing the damage from the termites, $18,000 on termite control treatments and $3000 on termite inspections. Micropest total bill to fix our long-standing termite problem was $800. If only we used them the first time. Thanks Micropest."

- Kirsty Banner, Belrose

"Thank you Micropest for the termite inspections and termite control treatments you carried out on our farm. We only purchased the farm two months ago and had a building and termite inspection report carried out. The termite inspection came up with no alive termites but there had been termite damage some years in the past. The termite inspections had recommended a termite control treatment. We rang several termite control companies and asked for quotes. Never again, each individual company that visited, made out that our house was going to fall down around our ears. It was a bloody nightmare. My hair turned grey overnight. Micropest was the second to last company we saw and I tell you what made us feel at ease straight away. The man from Micropest was the only one whom went under the floor straight away and gave us a realistic idea of the damage to the house and how much it would cost for a termite inspection and termite control treatment. He stated that a number of companies try to scare the pants off people in order to get work. All in all look as I said thank you Micropest for your professional and honest approach to our termite inspection and termite control treatments. We would confidently recommend Micropest for any termite control, termite inspections or pest inspections."

- Justine Jones, Castle Hill

"We had a major rat control problem in Bondi that we had tried to control ourselves along with two other very well known pest control company's. All we received were excuses why the rat control measures were not working and major bills for their ineffective efforts. We were at wits end and a friend of ours referred us to Micropest. At this time we were not impressed with any pest control company. Along came the Micropest man, he had a quick look, installed some lockable bait stations around our house and in our roof cavity. I asked him what makes you think you can control our rat problem when two other well known companies couldn't. The answer was a good quality bait. The Micropest man gave us a rundown on the cheap bait the other companies has used and the rat bait Micropest utilises. We still didn't have confidence even though our friends referred us to Micropest telling us they are rat control specialists. The rat control man from Micropest told us to wait a couple of days and that should be the end of our rats. We could not believe the success we had in eliminating our rats. After years of concerns and money we have no rats. It's an amazing feeling to wake up naturally in the morning instead of a rat gnawing in your roof cavity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you. Thank you. I would recommend Micropest any time. Thank you. They are Sydneys best pest control company."

- John Howard, Bondi

"I would like everyone to know what a good service Micropest provided for my family home that was inundated with bedbugs. I tried three companies before Micropest, none of which solved my bedbug issue and also Micropest provided us with a six month warranty. Thanks Micropest we really do appreciate your good service".

- Samuel Johnson, Bondi

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and efficiency in dealing with our pest problem here at the Wahroonga. It is always a pleasure to see you and we look forward to your next visit."

- Joshua Kinston, Wahroonga

Micropest were a very professional rodent controller and described exactly how they would resolve my problem. They had someone out here the next morning, and I can say, two weeks later, the problem as resolved.

- Sam E. Furgeson, Hornsby

Micropest control experts came out and treated our house for bed bugs. Gerard, our representative, was very knowledgeable. He educated me on the nature of bed bugs and gave me a good understanding of the treatment and chemicals Micropest would use. Unlike another company we'd worked with, I felt like Micropest customized the treatment to address our home's specific problems.

- Daniel Foong, Lane Cove

I really like the guarantee and the fact that this company was able to get out to my home within 24 hours. I have not seen any cockroaches since! It seems to have done the trick! Thanks Micropest!

- Jason Kurupa, Bondi

Micropest spent time reviewing possible rat issues and checked the exterior of my home. He inspected the exterior for any cracks or holes and filled them with a 50 year sealant. They was very prompt in returning my call. Really knows their stuff. I would highly recommend them. We will sure use them in the future.

- Esther D, Macquarie

They used a sprayed called Cislin for spiders inside, sprayed outside for cockroaches, and also noticed a potential entry point for mice into the house and sealed that up. George was very professional and knowledgeable. He provided the services I requested and identified some other potential problems. He explained the work and presented different options for services and pricing.

- Nina Tang, Wahroonga

Micropest performed an exterior treatment for spiders. We hired Micropest last year to do regular extermination of spiders. They were just here for their an autumn treatment and once again did a great job. I've heard it's supposed to be a bad year for spiders, but so far our yard and home is bug free!

- Raymond C., Epping

I was very impressed with the response time to my inquiry. Both the person who called in response to my inquiry and the person who performed the service were friendly and professional.

- Linda P, Bondi

I was very pleased with every aspect of the service we received, they provided great advise and got the job done.

- Andy Chuang, Paddington

In today's time it gets harder to refer anyone to a friend or family for the fear the company wont live up to their billing. I'll have to tell you that I have referred three friends to Micropest and each one thanked me for my recommendation!

- Katrina S, Bondi Junction

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