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Termites, Cockroaches And Spiders can run but they can't hide from Micropest Pest Control Sydney.


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Micropest Pest Control Sydney, pests control treatment manages spiders (includes redback spiders, white tail spiders), all species of cockroaches, including German cockroaches, silverfish, carpet beetles, wasps and a great number of other insects and bugs too numerous to mention. Our average pest control services for a house generally takes anywhere from forty-five to sixty minutes.

Our insect control treatments are safe, effective, pet, child and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, all Micropest Pest Control experts have been in the industry for over thirty-five years. All our pest control technicians have pest control insurance (professional indemnity, public liability) and have a current certified pest control licence. We specialise in both residential pest control and commercial pest control services.

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What Is Involved In A Pest Spray ?

1. The operator personally introduces himself to the client and discusses what immediate pest or bug control problems they may have or are concerned about.

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2. A quick inspection of the premises with the client to ascertain the size of the property and any obvious bug or insect infestation they may have.

Pest Control Treatment Sydney Pest Control

3. The Micropest pest operator will advise the client to pick up children's toys, and anything they are concerned about that will impede a safe and effective pest service. You may be asked to move some furniture, pet food, and water bowls away from the walls.

pest control preparation Pest Control Australia

4. We then take a wind speed and wind direction reading. If it is too windy on the day, it might compromise an effective pest service. Humidity and temperature are taken. If it is too wet, it may affect a successful pest treatment. Although we do use a rain fast product called Cislin 25.

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5. If German cockroaches are evident, the pest operator will gel (using Maxforce Gold German cockroach control bait) in strategic areas within the building. Usually in kitchens, fridges, microwaves and bathrooms.

Safe Pest Control

6. Gain access to roof void and dust with Coopex Dust. Because of modern down lights this is optional and the pest operator will use with his discretion.

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7. Treat all internal skirting, where accessible with a product called Cislin 25. Cislin 25 is a German synthetic, microencapsulated pyrethrum made by Bayer. It is an environmentally friendly pest control product that is rainfast, UV light resistant, no odour, safe, and leaves no stains. Micropest has used Cislin 25 for a long time in childcare centres, hospitals and many other sensitive areas because of its safety and effective properties.

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8. Treat external vegetation, eves (first floor only because of spray drift), foundations, air vents, garages, gutters and outbuilding with Cislin.

Bed Bugs

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Commercial Pest Control

Hey there! Got a pest problem at your business? We have got you covered. At Micropest Pest Control Sydney, we offer a full range of pest management options to suit any business, whether it's an office, warehouse, restaurant, hotel, pub, school, or hospital.

Why Choose Us?

Safety First

We have OHS industry safety certification and use EPA-approved, environmentally-friendly pest control methods.

Quick & Hassle-Free

We aim to solve your pest problem as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your business.

Integrated Solutions

Our commercial pest treatment plan helps you get rid of rats, termites, cockroaches, and other unwanted guests.

Trusted Experts

All our pest exterminators are fully licensed and insured. We pride ourselves on being a trusted brand in the pest control industry with over a thousand google reviews.

Our Guarantee

Thorough Inspections

We start with a detailed pest inspection.

Custom Plans

You will get a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Compliance & Reporting

We adhere to strict standards and provide full compliance and reporting.

Minimal Disruption

We remove pests with minimal impact on your daily operations.

Safe Practices

Our solutions are safe for kids and pets, ensuring no site contamination.

Pest Control Adelaide

When I first started in the pest control industry I worked in South Australia for the experts in Pest Control Allstate and Adelaide pest control after which I started a company called All Clear. Because South Australia is the dryest state in the dryest country in the world my main pests that I treated for homes and businesses were White Ants. Cockroaches and spiders thrive in humid climatic conditions such as Sydney. Very rarely would you do a pest spray in Adelaide,the same applys to Perth.

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Pest Control Price List

Pest control specialists Micropest Australia provides the following pest management solutions at an approximate price. Please don't hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible.

Get A Pest Control Treatment And A Termite Inspection Discount Applies.

Services Apartment
(conditions apply)
(conditions apply)
(conditions apply)
Bed bugs Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Bees $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
Bird Lice $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
Fleas $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
Funnel Web Spiders Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
General Spray (cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetle, wasps) $280.00 $280.00 Call for quote
German Cockroaches $280.00 $280.00 Call for quote
Rats $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
Red-back Spiders $280.00 $280.00 Call for quote
Termite Control Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Termite Inspection $280.00 $280.00 Call for quote
Ticks $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
Wasps $280.00 $280.00 $280.00
White Tail Spiders $280.00 $280.00 Call for quote

Other pest problems and services such as bird control, rodent control, flies, millipedes, bees, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, termite inspections, building inspections, termite control and termites are not included in a standard pest treatment and require different control solutions.Our pest treatment does have an a short term impact on ant control however we do reccomend purchasing our ant pest control product advion ant gel.

Mission Statement?

Micropest Pest Control Company will endeavour to assist you in the best and most helpful way and will always treat the customer with respect honestly and ethically.

Our Locations


Address: 24/24-36 Pacific Highway, Wahroonga N.S.W 2076

Phone:1300 243 377

Hours: Open 7 days, 7 am–10 pm

We provide the same day emergency services for the Upper North Shore suburbs of Wahroonga, Pymble, Hornsby, Turramurra, Westleigh and Thornleigh.


Address: 43 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW 2064

Phone:1300 884 166

Hours: Open 7 days, 7 am–10 pm

We provide the same day emergency services for the Lower North Shore suburbs of Artarmon, Chatswood, Lane Cove, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, North Bridge and Castlecrag.

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